Gift Agreement

Make a Lasting Impact


The LSS Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) and_______________________________(“Donor,” whether one or more) are pleased to celebrate and accept Donor’s generous gift (“Gift”) which shall be stewarded by the Foundation in accordance with this gift agreement, including Attachment A (collectively the “Agreement”).

The Gift

[Insert a description of the Gift]

Purpose of Gift

The purpose of the Gift is to establish an endowment to provide for the charitable purpose of the Foundation to support Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc. (“LSS”).

Donor’s Story

[Insert appropriate narrative]


The Foundation’s Board of Directors (“Board”) shall administer this Gift in accordance with this Agreement and the Foundation’s governing documents, as amended from time-to-time.  If, in the opinion of the Board, circumstances change in the future so that the purposes for which this Gift was made become impracticable, illegal or no longer able to be carried out to meet the needs of the Foundation and LSS, the Board may designate an alternative use for the Gift, in accordance with applicable law, to further the objectives of the Foundation and LSS in the spirit of the Donor’s original purpose.


The assets of this Gift will be invested in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement of the Board, as amended from time to time, and may be commingled for investment with other funds held by the Foundation in accordance with said policy, as amended from time to time. A copy of the then current Investment Policy Statement will be provided on request.



The parties to this Agreement acknowledge that it was entered into for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged.  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.


This Gift Agreement has been entered into by the parties that have executed this Gift Agreement as of this _________month and _______ day of year_______.




By________________________                                           By________________________    

     (Donor #1)                                                                                     (Donor #2 if applicable)

LSS Foundation, Inc.


Authorized representative of the LSS Foundation, Inc.



Is this a named endowment? 

            No       ___  

            Yes      ___      Insert Name:

Are there restrictions on the principal?                                                                                                         

No       ___      Use of principal will be at the discretion of the Board                                                         

Yes      ___      Insert restrictions:                                                                                                                                                     

On principal distributions:                                         

                                    On use:

Are there restrictions on the income?                                                                                                

No       ___      Distributions of income will be at the discretion of the Board

Yes      ___      Insert restrictions:                                                                                                                              

On income distributions:

                                    On use:                                                      

Is there a plan to make future contributions?                                                                       

No       ___                                                                                                                             

Yes      ___      Specify the plan:

                                                                                                            Donor’s Initials ______