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Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS) is one of the largest and most experienced and effective health and human services organizations in the Midwest.

Each year, LSS Programs Strengthen Families, Inspire Recovery, and Empower Independence and Belonging for nearly 30,000 people all along the lifespan.

Individuals, children and families across the organization’s two-state reach come to LSS for services as essential as housing or in-person care and as life-changing as adoption or treatment for addiction and mental illness. 95% say LSS has improved the quality of their life with 97% reporting satisfaction with services received.

Your gifts made through the LSS Foundation, Inc. can and will make an impact on the mission work of LSS.

Children stand in front of Homme Center Bell

Rev. E.J. Homme

The roots of LSS are in a home for orphans and the elderly which the Rev. E.J. Homme started in 1882. His social services vision which honors the infinite worth of every person has stood the test of time for more than 140 years as LSS has expanded its reach and services.

Your gifts made through the LSS Foundation, Inc. will make an impact now and in the long-term  on the mission work of LSS for generations to come.

Rev. Homme sits with his family

Strategic Initiative Seed Funding

The LSS Foundation, Inc. also gives seed money annually to start innovative programs such as:

LSS Connections

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) whose program consultants serve as long-term care partners to help plan and direct support and services close to home to reach the goals clients desire.

School-Centered Mental Health

Which is designed to utilize Milwaukee schools as a health and wellness connector for groups both in and outside of the classroom including children, parents, siblings, families, and neighbors. 

Aspen Center

Offers both medically monitored inpatient residential care as well as transitional residential treatment.  Aspen is the first medically monitored community-facility in Waukesha County offering affordable comprehensive addiction treatment for both women and men.

Deep River

A 24-bed residential facility that provides substance use disorder treatment and mental health services to males in the Central Wisconsin area.

Client Stories of Success

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