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Planned Giving

The Pastor Homme Legacy Society is the giving society which recognizes individuals who have left a bequest to LSS Foundation, Inc. Read on to learn why our Pastor Homme Legacy Society members entrust their personal legacy to LSS Foundation, Inc.

Would you like to be remembered as a person who created a future where every individual feels valued? You can, by making a gift to the LSS Foundation.

If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write. - Martin Luther

Why you can trust LSS Foundation, Inc.



LSS Foundation Inc., has 140 years of proven results providing life-changing services. Through wars, pandemics, and other global crises, we have stood the test of time by adapting to the urgent and changing needs of our communities.


95% of the people we serve say that we improve the quality of their lives, and 97% are satisfied with our services. Through each life we touch, there is a positive ripple effect that impacts our schools, neighborhoods, community gathering spaces, and workplaces.


LSS leads the industry average on the percentage of dollars raised that are applied to direct client care. In our organization, 88 cents of every dollar go directly to program services, versus 65-75% nationally.

Inspire the Future

The Pastor Homme Legacy Society

It is with this history that we have established the Pastor Homme Legacy Society. The Society will ensure the long-term viability of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan, Inc. (LSS) and LSS Foundation, Inc. Our purpose for the Society is:

  • To recognize those who have left a legacy gift to LSS and/or LSS Foundation. Members are honored for their special commitment to the future of our organization.
  • To publicly recognize current members as well as serving to recruit others to consider making a bequest or other legacy gifts to LSS and/or LSS Foundation.
  • To educate members and potential members about wills, bequests and other types of legacy gifts.

Membership in the Society

Membership in the Society is open only to individuals. Our members will:

  • Willingly provide notification and permit verification by a qualified staff person and/or volunteer that they have included LSS and/or LSS Foundation in their legacy/estate plan; or
  • Establish a Named Fund within the LSS Foundation with a minimum of $25,000 for an unrestricted Named Fund or $250,000 for a restricted Named Fund; or
  • Make gifts totaling at least $25,000 over five years to the general purpose fund of LSS Foundation.

Celebrating Your Commitment

How Your Donation Helps

Mary* lived in her small-town Wisconsin childhood home until the time of her death last spring at age 92. Mary devoted her career to teaching English at a rural high school where she empowered young scholars to have high expectations and reach for their dreams. Former students remember their beloved teacher’s insistence on doing their best work, as well as her compassion and belief in their abilities. “I was one without much confidence,” wrote one student,” but she [Mary] helped me achieve my goals.” “Mary was humble in heart but strong in spirit and always willing to go out of her way to help others.”

Mary’s devotion to helping people find their confidence, build their resilience, and achieve their goals will continue through the generous bequest she left to Lutheran Social Services. We are honored to carry on Mary’s legacy through programs and services that reduce stigma, remove barriers, and restore hope.

Some people make a legacy gift to honor or memorialize a person they love.  Jerry and Sandra Osborne, and Sandra’s brother Allen Fox, established the Esther Erickson Fox Fund to memorialize Sandra and Allen’s mother.  The fund was established to strengthen families, “because mom was the strength of our family,” according to Sandra.  When Allen passed in 2010, a portion of his estate went to the fund. Jerry and Sandra made similar arrangements. Jerry passed in 2023 and the Esther Erickson Fox Fund was designated for his memorial donations.  Sandra remains actively engaged with both her family and the community. She continues to serve as an ambassador for LSS. We are delighted that her legacy plan is in place, but we are also hoping we don’t realize that gift for quite some time.

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